Inner guidance &

Energy Work

These ancient and effective form of energy healing approaches help you find stability and replenish emotional, physical, and spiritual health through the use of both hands-on and hands-off methods.


Address emotional issues by tapping into the universal energy without physically touching the body.

Practiced without touch, connecting to the universal energy.

Shamanic Energy Medicine

Intuitive guidance to bring healing & harmony in your inner & outer life.

Every culture has a spiritual practice. The most ancient of all, shamanism, is a roadmap for healing the soul through ceremonies that reconnect us to Nature.

In your healing journey you will discover unchartered aspects of your soul, work with the transformative powers of the elements, the four directions, animal archetypes and alchemical breathwork.

You will delve into your inner landscape to create a roadmap for healing mental blockages and old wounds stuck in your luminous energy field. These are often due to ancestral or personal beliefs, physical imbalances and the modern lifestyle that cuts us off from our natural being.

You will emerge empowered with new solutions for managing anxieties or fears, receive guidance from within and design a healing picture for yourself and your world.

We are honoured to help you on this path of discovery and reconnection.

Chakra Balancing

Find a renewed harmonious flow of energy across your chakra system.

Brings a sense of well-being, relaxation, centeredness, increased vitality and embodiment of oneself.

Sound Healing and Massage

Rebalance brain waves to a restorative state through the sound frequencies of tuning forks. A gentle therapeutic massage offers a deeply exhilarating combination.

Flower Essences

Find healing with this gentle means of restoring emotional equilibrium. A composite blend is made based on the individual client’s needs.


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