Add Ons

Complement your existing massage booked with one or a combination of the add on services below.


Treat your senses & combine massage therapy and aromatherapy with our essential oil blends made by a local aromatherapist.-Detox, Winter tonic or Chakra balancing.


15 min or 30 min. This ancient Chinese method helps release tension & toxins, improves lymphatic & blood circulation…

Aide à libérer les toxines, à améliorer la circulation lymphatique et sanguine, à éliminer la congestion thoracique et la constipation, à stimuler le système immunitaire et même à aider à combattre la fibromyalgie.

Sound Healing

15 min or 30 min – Deeply replenishing and harmonizing the sound frequencies of tuning forks slow down brain waves to a deeply restorative stat.

Cranial Sacral

30 min Rebalance your cerebrospinal fluid flow to help calm your central nervous system & overall well-being.

Head Massage

15 min – Ever wished you had extra time and attention on your head and scalp. Your wish has come true!

Foot Massage

15 mins Ever wished you had extra time and attention on your feet. Your wish has come true!


15 mins- Helps break down scar tissue and connective tissue, improving movement in the joints by using a smooth-edged tool on skin applying enough pressure to create minor bruising.


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